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WM Logistics (Worldwide) Limited


    WML brand new warehouse provides different temperature storage, like normal temperature, chill room and frozen room. We aim to provide suitable environment for different goods that our customers need. The size of our warehouse is 8,000 ft and we provide 24-hour air conditioner to ensure the temperature and humidity. We also provide 24-hour surveillance system to guarantee the safety of your cargo and our customers can use the mobile phone to control the storage.

    The chill room is usually for the wine. WML has lots of experience in handling wine. Apart from the storage, we have professionals to handle the transportation of the wine products as well. We promise to keep the temperature in a suitable temperature during the transportation to assure the flawlessness of the taste of wine. Not only local wine transportation, there are also a lot of wine imported from foreign countries, especially from Japan and France.

    The frozen room is in -18°C to -20°C. Owing to the COVID-19, more and more Hongkongers started to cook at home lately. The demand of frozen meat and food has increased rapidly. Therefore, we provide storages and delivery services for frozen food. We installed LED light for the products. We will do frequent cleaning, maintenance and repairment.

    Besides, our warehouse provides sorting & buyer’s consolidation, pick & pack, labeling & re-packing, and transloading services to fulfill customers’ needs. We also have shown-room and conference room for our customers to show their products.