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WM Logistics (Worldwide) Limited
We provides a comprehensive scope of services to our clients

Mode A – Flexitank service

    A Flexitank or Flexibag is a big bag specially made of selected compatible materials, for the use of the storage, packing, and transport of liquid cargoes.
    WM Logistics offers a safe, streamlined, and more environmentally friendly way of reducing transportation costs for non-hazardous liquids from our specially selected flexitank.

    1. Minimize costs -There are no extra cleaning and repositioning charges, only one-way international freight costs and bulk liquid packaging.
    2. Maximize in transporting liquid in each standard container. (35% more when compare with drums)
    3. Environmental Friendly- Flexitanks are always for one-off delivery. They can be disposed of or recycled afterward, eliminating expensive cleaning procedures that harm the environment.
    4. Hygienic, clean and safe-essential for transportation of food grade commodities
    5. Capacity of a flexitank is up to 20-24 tons liquid

    Liquid products suitable for flexitanks shipment:
    - Edible Oil
    - Food Additives
    - Water
    - Beer & fruit juice concentrate
    - Wine
    - Non-hazardous chemical products

    Capacity of a flexitank: Up to 20-24 tons liquid

    Value added service:
    1. Heating pad and other flexibag accessories is also available.
    2. One stop solution
     -Sourcing Flexitank
     -Flexitank installation
     -seafreight ship to destination
     -Door delivery
     -Flexitank recycling

    Group-buying - Flexitank & Accessories

    Our aim:
    We intend to group various users, to approach vendors and obtain group discount in return. This concept is to maximize the power of buying in bulk so that both customers and vendors can enjoy maximum benefits from the transactions. We will also provide one-stop service from storage to delivery in order to fulfill customers’ needs and wants.

    Benefits in using WML group-buying service:

    We use qualified suppliers
    - Liability insurance coverage is required.
    - Certification of ISO9001:2000, FDA, HACCP, COA RAILWAY TEST REPORT, EC, KOSHER, HALAL are required when we ship to specific countries.
    - Product tracking system is required.

    Providing one-stop logistics service
    - Just-in-time strategy - Only deliver products when need to minimize the storage and transportation cost.
    - Free shipping to specific locations, such as Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.
    - Free local delivery in specific locations, such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

    Online order service
    - We offer fast and easy online order service to our customers.

    Benefits in using flexitank:
    - Can save up to 60% and 50% packing costs when compared with drums and IBC respectively.
    - Can hold up to 35% more cargo than drums and 15% more than IBC in 20' container.
    - Greatly reduce labour and time costs when compared with drums and IBC.
    - No forklift required when using flexitank to load or unloaded your cargo.

    Restriction in using flexitank:
    - Non-hazardous liquid only
    - Only accept 20’ container for shipment

    Benefits in using WML Logsitics service:

    Flexitank container
    To enhance cargo safety when using Flexitank, we only provide self-owned grade A containers (SOC) and carrier's owned grade A containers (COC) to our customers.

    Experienced Trucking team & Storage deport
    Trucking team

    Our drivers take care of your cargo starting with the container selection at the depot. We make sure the container is free from holes, is not soiled, bulged set in/out, or any floor splinters or nails which may damage the flexitank. Moreover, our drivers are experienced in controlling loaded trucks in downhill and rugged road situations, which could easily cause an accident and damage to your cargo.

    Storage depot
    We have our own container depot in Hong Kong and contracted depots located in Asian and European countries. This can provide long and short term storage for your liquid cargo.

    Protect by our liability insurance by TT club cargo insurance
    Every WML bill of lading is under the protection of our logistics liability insurance. We highly recommend that customers buy cargo insurance to protect their own cargo.

    TT Club cargo insurance
    Your cargo insurance can be procured via TT Club. TT Club is the international transport and logistics industry’s leading provider of insurance and related risk management services. It has a broad range of insurance programs that offers you financial protection against the risk of physical loss or damage, from almost any external cause. For more information about TT Club, please visit their web site at http://ttclubforwarders.com

    Reliable partner in the World - Agency network of WML
    We take care of your cargo start from the port of loading to the port of discharge. At the port of discharge, our partners are providing pre-alert, customs clearance / declaration, cargo delivery or any free consulting to fulfill your consignees needs and wants.


    ISO Tank (COC, SOC and leasing service):

    Nowadays, most of shipping carriers are not always ready to provide ISO tank service. Therefore, we connect carriers and leasing companies to provide one-way shipping service to our customers. It gives the benefit to save the re-positioning cost in returning an empty tank. We also provide long and short-term ISO tank leasing services to our customers.

    We can provide:
    - General chemical tanks
    - Dangerous chemical tanks
    - Food grade tanks.

    ISO TANK Specification:

    Nominal capacities:
    15,000 liters (3,963 gal), 17,500 liters (4,623 gal), 21,000 liters ( 5,548 gal),
    23,000 liters (6,076 gal), 24,000 liters (6,340 gal), 25,000 liters 6,605 gal).

    Tare weights:
    3,300 kg, 3,350 kg, 3,400 kg, 3,450 kg, 3,500 kg, 3,550 kg.

    Maximum gross weight:
    36,000 kg (79,365 lbs)
    Stacking weight: 9 high of 24,000 kg (ISO)

    Frame material:
    EN 10210 S355 J2H / Supraform TM 380 (Hollow sections)
    EN 10210 S355 J2H / Supraform TM 380 (Plates)
    EN 10025 S355 K2G3 (rolled sections)

    Shell material:
    Columbus TCG 316L Cold Rolled 2B (shell). 2B finish.
    Columbus TCG 316L Hot Rolled, Polished (heads) 2B finish.

    Working pressure:
    4 bar (58 psi)

    Test pressure:
    6 bar (87 psi)

    Allowable vacuum:
    41 bar (12 in Hg)