HK shippers glad boxes are moving, but unhappy about HIT's Hanjin fee

Hong Kong International Terminals Limited (HIT) again stated that it was taking steps to recover Hanjin Shipping containers in its possession, but made no mention of fees that must be paid to secure their release.

Said HIT: "Proactive steps have been taken… in setting up a dedicated team of 70 to assist shippers/forwarders to retrieve Hanjin containers right after the filing for receivership by Hanjin Shipping at Seoul District Court on 31 August”.

"HIT has offered special arrangements to minimise the handling and financial risks faced by the affected parties, and to assist the logistics industry to get through this difficult time". "As of now, HIT has helped affected parties to retrieve more than 1,500 Hanjin containers. Cargoes collected included necessity goods and high value commodities, such as electronic products and perishables".

"But I am unhappy with HIT's extra charge [US$1,280 per box]. That should not be - US$500 would be reasonable under the circumstances," Sunny Ho, executive director of the Hong Kong Shippers Council. The European Container Terminals (ECT), a Hitchison unit, had been given a court order, after the Dutch Shippers Council with support of the European Shippers Council, went to court, to charge a EUR25 (US$28) per box surcharge.